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Cisco Overview

About Cisco

A mega multinational technology company that specializes in technology development through manufacturing and distribution of  networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other high technology services and products. Africa has gained a lot from Cisco as it specializes in specific tech markets that Africa is falling behind on, such as cyber security, domain security, video conferencing, and energy management with leading products including Webex, OpenDNS, Jabber, Security, etc.

Wire Speed Systems is a proudly South African Cisco partner providing World-Class African expertise to our South African clients and the rest of Africa.

A Cisco Partner

Wire Speed Systems is proud to be a Cisco Partner

We partner with Cisco sharing our values of technology advancement in Africa, we work to make the performance of our client’s IT faster, easy to manage, more reliable, and affordable long term. Cisco is actively in the work of realizing new and advanced products for all its customers and already clients personally.

Our members hold the credentials below

Why choose Wire Speed Systems as your Cisco Partner?

We provide a wide range of Cisco products to our clients including but not limited to:

Cisco Webex Devices
Cisco Webex Services
Cisco Wifi Equipment
Cisco Networking/Telephony Devices


Wire Speed Systems specializes in the reselling of Cisco’s primary categories of routers, switches, and wireless systems providing the highest levels of speed, configurations, maintenance, and availability. We also provide a variety of options for our clients from current generations to previous and legacy generations of products on the cisco portfolio. Cisco products and solutions can help your organization win
security, wireless, collaboration, and cloud.

Why work with Wire Speed Systems as your Cisco Reseller?

Receive a quote almost immediately
Local and international delivery available
24hrs around-the-clock support
End Sale product testing
Product consultancy

Cisco training through Cisco NETWORK ACADEMY

Wire Speed Systems understands the importance of IT skills to South Africa through Cisco’s very
own Networking Academy (Netacad) we provide IT skills and career-building programs for students and professionals in the IT field whether local or abroad.

Cisco’s Networking Academy is a real tool to practically upskill yourself or your organization’s workforce by providing an understanding of how to operate an IoT environment. It’s a big step toward your respected
Cisco certification exam success.

Whether you are starting an IT carrier or you are a veteran in the industry Wire Speed Systems over the years has mastered the best way you can get training for the IT industry through Cisco Networking academy in no time you will be certified and will acquire the necessary skills. Our trainers utilize our rare premise Cisco Equipment to give a real-world lab environment of what exactly the course
requires the student to be familiar with.

South Africa for many years has leaked the skills that Cisco provides through the Cisco learning academy Wire Speed Systems utilizes its years in the industry to provide the best education to the student.

Cisco Networking Academy Courses provided by Wire Speed Systems:

IT Essentials
Cisco Certified Networking Associate
Networking Essentials
Programming Essentials in Python
Introduction to Internet of Things

Hands-on training
We aim to upskill you the way the industry experts you to be competent, over the years we have invested time, resources, and in training instructors that give you the step ahead before your real-world application of the Cisco IT skills. Wire Speed Systems provides a training platform that puts real-world infrastructure experience first. We provide a high-end land environment that our students get in addition to the Cisco Networking Academy access that we provide to them. Our expert trainers provide knowledge in Networking, Cyber Security, Cloud, and Data Science