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Electronic circuit design & Firmware development

Electronic circuit design & Firmware development

Design of electronic circuits for both Photonic IC based- products as well as production support and test systems

Hardware Design, Manufacturing, Assembly and Testing

  • Selection of electronic components
  • Creating PCB layouts
  • Functional testing of electronic circuits

Embedded Software Design (Writing the firmware for microcontroller-based circuits )

  • Write PC based (Windows) software to control microcontroller based circuits
  • Coordinating with optical designers to obtain the specifications for the electronics that will support their designs
  • Coordinating with mechanical designers the combination of electronic and mechanical hardware (e.g. in modules and enclosures)

    Designing, creating and testing embedded software components for embedded systems (ARM Cortex 


Hardware Design, Manufacturing, Assembly and testing:

  • Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) / Contract manufacturing services
  • Turn-key design and development solutions
  • M2M and IoT communication devices
  • Outsourcing R & D and Design Partnerships. Ambimat has successfully realized projects for PCB design, Layout and fabrication of Multi
    Layer PCBs ranging from two layers to twelve layers. That said we do possess the necessary expertise and skill set to go above that.

Hardware Design, Manufacturing, Assembly and testing:

  • We have skilled manpower, who can work on Cadence, OrCAD, Altium, PCAD, PADS, CADSTAR, EAGLE etc.
  • We have skilled technicians who can manually wire various thru-hole and SMD chips as well
    as passive components for packages like the 1206, 0603, 0402 etc. We have pick and place
    machines that will place and solder components of various packages.
  • We have in the past wired Small Outline Integrated Circuits (SOIC), TQFP, 208 & 240 pin
    PQFP and 272 pin BGAs. We are working on projects that entail the use of LGAs as well.
  • Our Test Facility has most equipment like Power Supplies, Signal Generators, Scope, Analog
    & Digital Multimeters coupled with PROM Programming & PLD Development Support,
    Various Development Modules, Breakout Boards and tools for Embedded Development
  • We have the capability of accomplishing functional testing and environmental testing with
    168-hour burn-in analysis

M2M and IoT communication devices

  • Wire Speed Systems (pty) Ltd has experience working with different Wireless modules, ethernet etc
  • We are currently working with multiple customers on getting their sensor based boards connected to a cloud computing platform
  • We have partners who can provide cloud computing services along with the necessary software expertise to connect your devices to the cloud
  • Android and iOS developers can also provide mobile apps that are connected to your devices via the cloud.
  • We can also help the client negotiate prices for the data used over cell networks. Wire Speed Systems (pty) Ltd has a history of working on taking concepts to production.

Embedded Software Services

  • We have worked on a variety of IDEs like AVR Studio, TI Code
    Composer Studio, KeiluVision, nRF Go Studio etc. It must be
    evident that we have worked on MCUs from various silicon
    vendors like ATMEL, NXP, TI, RENASAS, NXP, RABBIT, etc.
  • Our past products also gave us exposure to Embedded Linux and
    RTOS programming on the Hardware Abstraction Layer as well as
    the Application Layer

Turn Key design and development Solutions

  • At Wire Speed Systems (pty ) Ltd , we will help you put your concept into a prototype. This
    includes putting together the systems architecture, creating a
    breadboard model and then designing a printed circuit board as a
  • Once approved we take the prototype into production for quantities
    from 100 to 100,000 and more.
  • This includes bare bone PCB testing, UL certification of bare PCBs,
    supply chain management, wiring either manually or with pick and
    place machines, running the test suites as suggested by the client and
    any special requirements that the client might have
  • We can also design enclosures and create 3D printed models. Once
    approved molds for injection molding can also be created and high
    volume enclosures can also be prepared.
  • FCC certification services can also be provided. On the software front our expertise is on higher level programming
    languages like C and C++ as well as assembly level programming
    for a wide range of MCUs starting from the legacy processors like
    8085 to the most recent ARM Cortex M series.



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