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Managed Security Service Provider

Outsourcing security services to a managed security service provider (MSSP) is an alternative to managing information security functions internally. It is typically opted for when security has become economically challenging to maintain with existing resources .

Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape demands smarter and more responsive managed security services. Wire Speed Systems Managed Security Services offer the industry-leading tools, technology and expertise to help secure your information assets around the clock, often at a fraction of the cost of in-house security resources. Wire Speed Systems Security Operations Centre , a single window into your entire security world, is included in every managed security service. Wire Speed Systems uses high-availability security operation centres  to provide 24/7 services designed to reduce the number of operational security personnel an enterprise needs to hire, train and retain to maintain an acceptable security posture.

Managed detection and response services: Organizations are looking to address a lack of 24/7 threat detection and response — especially where there is lower maturity, and little to no investment in detection technologies and the experts needed to use those tools and perform incident response activities. Thus, MDR services are filling the demand .Midsize enterprises are gravitating to MDR when looking for a turnkey service that fits their needs. More mature organizations with defined security operations teams look to MDR to fill gaps in their coverage, e.g., through services like managed EDR or threat hunting. Wire Speed Systems MSS has reacted to these needs by offering services primarily focused on managed EDR and threat hunting, as well as expanded incident response services. Many of these services are customized; few are standard offerings integrated into the core MSS business.

Remote SIEM solution management and co-management: Larger enterprises that have invested in a SIEM solution with plans to build their own 24/7 operations, or organizations that are concerned about data residency requirements, are increasingly turning to Wire Speed Systems MSS to take over management, operation and use of their SIEM solution. For some us as Wire Speed Systems this is becoming our  preferred approach as we are also a technology reseller and integrator. Thus, we end up selling the SIEM solution to the customer, and then provide managed security services using the customer’s newly deployed SIEM solution. However, some organizations will look to our  MSS to help them when there are failed SIEM deployments, change in business direction, changing plans about building out their own SOC, and so on. We are increasingly accommodating these buyers even though it does not align with their preferred delivery model (i.e., use the MSSPs standard delivery platform).

Customer-owned SOC: In some geographies, regulatory requirements drive buyers toward an on-premises SOC. In other geographies, on-premises SOCs are driven less by regulations and are more about the risk tolerance of the organization, its scale and nuances of its business that makes it avoid outsourcing services to an MSSP. However, building an SOC is not a small endeavor and requires expertise to build, then operate and run an SOC. Wire Speed Systems MSS  offers a service where the SOC may be fully managed on-premises by the by our MSS team, or a hybrid model where some remote services are provided from a shared customer SOC alongside some on-premises staff.